Environmental Benefits

Timber and the Carbon Offset benefit

Builders today have a variety of products to choose from when building a new structure.  Many companies are using steel over the traditional use of timber in a lot of aspects of construction but timber still remains a firm favourite.  The environmental benefits of timber outweigh the use of steel enormously.  Wood is the only truly renewable and sustainable building material.

Example of timber trussesTimber is the most energy efficient building material.  Wood is made from solar energy and requires only this to produce a natural and renewable produce.  A timber framed house actually stores about 3.1 tons of carbon.  The alternative building products such as steel, concrete and plastic require far more energy/fossil fuels to produce.  


At Trade Price Frames and Trusses we can offer both wood and steel wall frames and timber trusses for your next project.

 Example of a wooden roof truss   Example of a wooden frame and trusses   Steel Frame & trusses