Below is a sample of what you can do with trusses (more to come)

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If you wish to see what some of past customers have thought of our work just click link here

Here is a link to Saltus Built installing trusses

Saltus Built install number 1 =

Saltus Built install number 2 =


2 Storey steel walled house with timber trusses and smart joist flooring house by builder

Primesite Developments

Prime Site Developments 2 storey house


Full timber framed house by builder Truline Constructions

Lined rafters

A modern addition to an existing heritage style house

Timber additions PerthSome curved trusses creating a wave look

fancy truss


A whole timber framed homes from stumps to roof

stumps and bearers

feature trusses

Perth Roof Truss

Another full timber framed home

3d walls framed home


raked roof 3d

A raked ceiling feature built into trusses

3d roof trusses feature

Feature raked ceilings

3d of feature trusses

Attic trusses

Attic trusses


Full timber framed homestimber framed home

 Coffered ceiling ready for gyprock

Coffered ceiling

 Raking ceiling to suit a beautiful view

raked ceiling

Trusses Perth Raking Ceilings

 Dutch gable on hip end trusses

dutch gable

3D picture of above trussestruss coffer

Top hat trusses in a cyclonic 3 wind rated area

top hat trusses c3

 Attic trusses for a carport

Attic trusses

 Second storey addition with a sliding roof

second storey addition

timber trusses perth sliding roof

Below is an example of a cantilever overhang with a Dutch Gable on roof

roof timber truss 

 Below is an example of a full timber framed home by an owner buildertimber stud framing perth hills

truss roof perth hills


Below is an example of steel wall frames & timber roof trusses for a brick venner house

 steel wall frames perth

 steel and timber frames perth

Below is an example of lvl timbers being used in a cyclonic C3 wind region

raking trusses in a c3 wind region

same job but with a feature ceiling built in

LVL trusses


Some trusses and framing we have donated to different Tafes

Silver Trowl


tafe trusses

Tafe 2